Hi, and welcome to my newsletter!

Who am I?

I’m John, and I write under the pen name of J.W. Stammers. It’s what I go by for my blog posts, fiction, poetry and any other creative writing I do. It’s also the name of my website and the name for this newsletter (for now at least).

Currently, I’m working on building my author platform whilst continuing to hone my craft. If following me on this journey sounds like fun to you, I’d be so grateful if you subscribed.

What’s the newsletter about?

This is a personal newsletter, which I’ll use to send out regular updates on what I’m doing as a writer and where you can find things I’ve written.

It will also be a curated newsletter, which means I’ll include links to things I thought worth sharing. I’ll also talk about stuff I’ve read/watched.

Why have I started a newsletter?

I’d recommend reading my first post to answer this question. I also answer why I’ve chosen to host my newsletter on Substack for now.

How often will the newsletter go out?

The current plan is for these newsletters to come out at the end of each month for the rest of 2021. Depending on how this goes, I might move to send these out fortnightly in 2022.

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