#5: Plus 21 things that got me through the year
#11: Featuring advice on being a creator online, Warsan Shire on writing for herself, why we need to educate hiring managers on shitposting, Escapril…
#12: Featuring how writing about trauma is an act of subversion, how the cry-laugh emoji has become a right-wing emoji, newsletter & YouTube…
No. 14: Pointing your way: books I've read in 2022, an animated poem, an interactive rush-story and more
#3: Featuring a new poem, analysing just my punctuation, gaming for a non-gamer, excellent books I've read, Scots word of the day and more.
#1: Featuring a round-up of everything I wrote, read, viewed and thought worth sharing from August.
#2: I started and dropped several projects this month, but I made some lists, wrote about how noisy my brain gets and have read some great stuff.
#9: Featuring writing about love while the world falls apart, an illustrated guide to writing a novel, a video short story from Stuart Hardy and more
#7: Featuring "suggestions for tories", turning small talk into smart conversation, famous writers on rejection, LinkedIn killing off good writing and…
#4: Featuring three new poems I wrote this month, how to like what you write, excerpts from letters sent by Sylvia Plath, viewing recommendations and…
#6: Featuring a guide on my Bullet Journal setup, the Townscaper demo, reading goals, playwriting notes, an awesome animation and more
#8: Featuring some book recommendations, "The International Fixed Calendar", why you need to read fiction to write fiction and more